Here are some other farmlands for sale in different areas of Uganda

  • 1927 ACRES of Land for Sale RUWERO Touching River Ngogoro No squatter. FREEHOLD TITLE Price:1.5M per Acre 8 miles from tarmac Ruwero town.
  • 1 Square mile of Land for Sale. Nakasongola-Mulonzi Touching River Kafu Private Land Price: 1000,000/= Per Acre
  • LUWERO 10 Acres 20Acres 30 Acres 50 Acres 100 Acres. Titles Prices: 3M per Acre. Negotiable In KALAGALA) Luwero 20 Acres 50 Acres 100 Acres Titles Prices: 1.5M per Acre
  • 18 SQUARE miles of Land for Sale. You Branch from Myanzi. This land touches Mityana, Mubende and Kiboga. NO SQUATTERS PLEASE: Price: 1.7M/Acre. Negotiable Private Mailo Land.
  • 2 SQUARE miles Nakasongola Price: 1.5M per Acre
  • 1 SQUARE miles Bugerere Private mailo Land Price: 1.5M per Acre.
  • Land size 350 Acres Location Kikyusa Mazzi. Price: 2M
  • Land size 1 SQUARE mile Mubende, Price: 1.2M/Acre.
  • Kigumba-Masindi road before Entering Nakasongola 11 SQUARE miles. Price: 1.3M/Acre.
  • 7 SQUARE miles Hoima 14 Miles from Hoima town . Price: 1.7M/Acre.
  • 60 Acres Katende Maya-Masaka road. Price: 10M/Acre.
  • 280 Acres : Masaka road KAMENGO . Price: 4M/Acre.
  • 300 Acres: Masaka rd KATONGA. Price: 8M/Acre.
  • 30 Acres: Mityana-Bujjuko. Price: 20M/Acre
  • 350 Acres Land: Mityana 2 Miles from town. Price: 1.5M/Acre
  • 4 SQUARE miles: Bussunju -KIBOGA . Price: 2.5M/Acre.
  • 7 Square miles: KIBOGA. Price: 2M/Acre.
  • 20 Acres: Namayumba Hoima road. Price: 10M/Acre. 30Acres. Price: 10M/Acre.
  • 6 SQUARE miles: Masaka road BUNJAKO. 3M/Acre. Touching Lake Victoria
  • 1 Square mile: KAYUNGA 2M/Acre. Selling starts from 300 Acres.
  • SQUARE MILES in Nakasongola:
    1. 9 Square miles at 1.6m per acre
    2. 11 Square miles at 1.5m per acre
    3. 6 Square miles at 1.8m per acre
    4. 6 Square miles at 1.2m per Acre
    1. 10 Square Miles at 1.5M per acre
    2. 12 Square Miles at 1.6M per Acre.
  • 16 Square miles: Kibaale-Bugangizi with trees and water at 1.5M/Acre. Negotiable
  • 1920 Acres of Land Luwero, you Branch from NGOGORO. 42 Miles from Kampala to NGOGORO. From NGOGORO Tarmac to the Land 8 Miles. No squatters with FREEHOLD- TITLE at 1.3M Per acre. START SELLING FROM 500 ACRES.
  • 10 Square miles of land for sale. Masaka- LUKAYA 7Km from Tarmac, touching lake Victoria (6 Square MilesFreehold & 4 Square Miles lease. But in transferring we put to Freehold) at 3.5M/acre.
  • 8 SQUARE-Miles on Masaka road Kalisizo 5KM to the site FREEHOLD Title . 2.5m per acre
  • 305 Acres of Land Mika Kakiri Busunju opossite JESA farm Price: 12.5M/Acre
  • 20 SQUARE MILES: MASINDI Price: 1.5M/Acre. No squatters. Private Land
  • 8 Square miles: KIBOGA for Sale Price: 2.5M/Acre.
  • 5 Square miles: Bugerere 2.5M/Acre Mailo Land.
  • 5 Square miles: Nakasongola WAKYATO. Price 1.5M/Acre Private mailo Land.
  • 30 Acres: Nakasaka NAMASUMBI Price: 7M/Acre
  • 2 Square miles: After LUKAYA Distance 2 Miles from tarmac Price: 1.5@Acre.
  • 60 SQUARE miles of Land for SALE in MASINDI near road. With Streams of Water. Title: LEASEHOLD 99 Years. Price: 2.5M/Acre
  • 26 SQUARE miles MASINDI for SALE LEASEHOLD Price: 2M@Acre
  • 300 Acres Mubende MYANZI Price: 1.7M/Acre. Private mailo land
  • 1 Square mile KIBOGA. Price: 2.5M/Acre
  • 620 Acres Nakaseke WAKYATO Touching Waters. 1.5M @ Acre Private mailo land
  • 1 Square mile & 500 Acres BUZIBWERA KAMILA 2.5M per Acre Private mailo land
  • 8 SQUARE miles: Nakasongola KIKOYIRO touching L.KYOGA. 1.5M@Acre Private mailo land
  • 1 SQUARE mile: Mbarara ISINGIRO. FREEHOLD title, 2M@Acre
  • 20 Square miles: HOIMA ROAD NEAR KYANKWANZI (FREEHOLD TITLES) Price: 1.3M@Acre
  • 15 Square miles HOIMA ROAD NEAR KYANKWANZI. Price: 2M@Acre
  • 10 Square miles HOIMA ROAD NEAR KYANKWANZI Price: 2M@Acre
  • 15 SQUARE miles of Land for Sale BUGERERE before Bale Touching River Nile Waters. Start selling from 1 Square Mile Private mailo Land Price: 2.5M@Acre.
  • 8 Square miles, 5 Square miles, 2 Square miles 3 Owners One Block. Surrounding RIVER NILE at 2.5m per acre
  • 9 SQUARE Miles of Land for Sale BUGERERE BBALE FREEHOLD Title Price: 1.7M@Acre
  • 100 ACRES of Land for SALE JINJA Road Behind MABILA Forest 3.5Km from Tarmac. Price: 5M@Acre.
  • 18 SQUARE miles of Land for Sale. You Branch from Myanzi. This land touches Mityana, Mubende and Kiboga. NO SQUATTERS PLEASE: 2.2M/Acre. Private Mailo Land.
  • 2 SQUARE miles Nakasongola Price: 2M per Acre
  • 1 SQUARE miles Bugerere Private mailo Land 1.5M per Acre.

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